Reuse Hair extensions


How to reuse your pre-bonded hair? How is that possible?

Take advantage of our unique service for reusing all brand extensions such as Great Lenghts , Hairdreams , Balmain, Indian Gold and Socap . We can also remove your old extensions in our salons. These are then made as new with a new keratin bonding , so you can reload . Ready while you wait ! Or just send them to us by express delivery and we will send them back to you brand new.

Which hair types are suitable for our reuse service ?

  1. Old pre-bonded extensions: We make them new again with a new keratin bonding. Ready to use immediately.
  2. Bulk Hair: We make pre-bonded extensions of your bulk hair . You can determine the weight per extension.
  3. Hair weave: Possibility of any brand . We make pre-bonded extensions of your hair weave.

What are the costs of reusing hair extensions?

The price is £ 12.00 exclusive 21% VAT per 25 extensions.  Excluding international delivery costs (COD).
We recommend to sort the extensions by length and remove the short ones.

What should I keep in mind?

  • Sort the hair extensions by color and lengths.
  • Bundle the extensions  per 25 -30 extensions and bind them with a rubber band.
  • If the extensions are still thick we recommend to bind 25 extensions sets with a rubber band.
  • If the extensions are very thin we recommend to bind 30 extensions sets with a rubber band. We will bind them later in sets of 25 extensions.

Send your hair extensions to us

If you choose to send the extensions , keep your shipping receipt. After 2 or 3 days we will return your new pre-bonded extensions and you can pay cash on delivery(COD).

Info for the professional hair salon

Replacing reused hair extensions can with any customer, but keep in mind that the extensions have not been washed . Please also note that the extensions will become a slightly shorter and thinner . Reusing hair extensions is suitable for all colors. The wax has the same color or is transparent. Replacing is possible for any customer , but keep in mind that we do not wash the extensions.

Where should I send them to?